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Interns at Oxford HR

We love the fresh perspectives Interns bring to our organisation.  Their ideas, hard work and dedication more than make up for the time it takes to provide work shadowing, supervision and learning opportunities.  It can be hard to find routes into permanent roles, or even to decide which career is…
Jamie Phillips
21 January 2016

Career Advice: The Skills You Need to Get Into International Development

Overview of International Development The international development sector can be roughly divided into two areas: development and humanitarian assistance, although of course they are closely intertwined. While development is multi-faceted and difficult to define, its principal focus is poverty reduction. Poverty is a multidimensional issue: social exclusion and lack of…
Jamie Phillips
8 December 2015

Not Getting the Job? This Might be Why

Searching for a job can be frustrating and sometimes it may feel like you’re throwing your CV into an abyss. While the only cure for job-seeking malaise is getting a job, we can offer some insights into why you’re not getting call backs. Common reasons are: Not being qualified for…
Jamie Phillips
2 December 2015