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How to craft a winning statement – by Karen Twining

At Oxford HR we read thousands of covering statements for charity, and NGO jobs every year. Most are missed opportunities, ranging from the densely unreadable to the merely forgettable and the dismal and disappointing. Excellent statements are far too rare. Here are a few tips on how to craft a…
Oxford HR
20 July 2017
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Top 10 Tips for Interim Managers

Interim Managers are senior, skilled and experienced managers who are able to step into senior manager / director / expert roles in client organisations and add value very quickly. They need to be confident individuals, who combine considerable ability to bring fresh ideas and ways of doing things with the ability to…
Jamie Phillips
20 November 2015

Charities Newsletter

If you would like to see Wenn Townsend's latest charities newsletter with advice about finding new Trustees, information about CIOs and Charity Reserves Policy, you can view it in PDF form here.      
Oxford HR
3 April 2013