Oxford HR at the ERA Annual Conference

Oxford HR has recently joined the Executive Research Association (ERA), a network of research professionals promoting excellence and professionalism in our field, as well as an open and welcoming space for the discussion of industry trends and best practices. On Wednesday, ERA held its Annual Conference, which I had the…
Maria Grigore
27 April 2018

The Ongoing Struggle for Net Neutrality

Cambridge Analytica’s data breach, which has compromised at least 87 million Facebook users’ personal information,(1) has taken the internet by storm this week, causing many to vow to stop using the platform. The breach also included harvesting people’s personal messages, which has awakened the current conversation about privacy and caused…
Razane Cherk
13 April 2018

Women’s Day at Oxford HR

At Oxford HR we do not only help organisations find the best people to bring a positive change in our societies. What brings us together is that we want to contribute to that change directly, ourselves. Conversations on how to best do that when we recruit, how to avoid discrimination…
Maria Grigore
9 March 2018

Why charities must do more to promote Trustee Diversity

New research finds that 92% of trustees are still pale, male, over 50 and above average income and education… Achieving diversity is a perpetual challenge for charities. The latest research from Cass Business School and Cranfield Trust finds that 92% of trustees are still pale, male, over 50 and above average income…
David Lale
15 February 2018

Testing Leadership in International Development

This week, leadership in the international development sector has been in the spotlight like never before. Businesses tend to fail very, very slowly and then very, very quickly and this is equally true in the non-profit sector – as we saw last year with Kids Company and will no doubt…
David Lale
14 February 2018

A new dawn, as Oxford HR welcomes its first overseas presence

Rather belatedly, in the ever increasing world of globalization, and as the UK heads towards Brexit, Oxford HR has this month established its first overseas presence with the opening of our Amsterdam office. This new office is intended to strengthen our offer to international development partners in European countries and do…
Oxford HR
13 October 2017