Women of Zimbabwe, ‘Arise, go forth and prosper’

Patricia Chinyoka is an experienced diversity practitioner with a wealth of experience in diversity and inclusion. She sincerely believes that a successful diversity agenda in any organisation is essential to unlocking the value, growth and potential of a business. Patricia is CIPD qualified with many years of experience which include…
Tim Brann
29 May 2020

The Tale of The Caring Dolphin and Other Stories: New leadership perspectives, priorities and processes for the EU NGO sector under lockdown

Dr Rachel Barlow is a headhunter for the EU not for profit sector, recruiting for civil society organisations, business associations and alliances. A Professor of lobbying at Vesalius College, Brussels, Rachel is also a Board member of the leading Thinktank, the European Policy Centre. She has worked closely with NGOs…
Ruth Davis
29 April 2020

Should We All Be Vegan?

Qualified in agriculture (PhD in crop physiology), and with occasional sorties into academia (Visiting Professor at Cranfield University ), John has been involved in the rural economies of African and Asian countries for five decades. In 1983, he set up his own business (Rural Investment Overseas) to work directly with…
Ruth Davis
26 March 2020

Takeaways from the UN Climate Summit 2019

James Lloyd, Strategy Director and Project Lead for Nature4Climate and Natural Climate Solutions stakeholder manager at The Nature Conservancy. Working at the interface of strategic communications and external affairs for nature and climate change, he worked for over a decade as an adviser, first in Westminster in the UK and…
Ruth Davis
2 October 2019