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About Wellcome / DBT India Alliance

The Wellcome / DBT India Alliance (India Alliance) with offices in Hyderabad and New Delhi (India), is an independent, dynamic public charity that funds research in health and biomedical sciences in India. It invests in transformative ideas and supportive research ecosystems to advance discovery and innovation to improve health and well-being.

India Alliance currently spends about £ 24 million or INR 200 crores annually. It provides fellowships in basic biomedical research and clinical and public health research to scientists at multiple career stages, collaborative ‘Team Science’ grants targeted at addressing health challenges for India, and clinical/public health research centre (CRC) institutional grants to advance clinical research and develop physician scientists. To complement these competitive awards, India Alliance also has public engagement and training programmes to inform the public and improve the general environment for science.

India Alliance was established in 2008 as a co-funded partnership between The Wellcome Trust (UK) and the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India. Following the completion of ten years, the partnership was renewed for another five years in 2019.

For further information, please visit the India Alliance website.

The Role

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of India Alliance is responsible for the governance, policies, programme development and management of the organization. The CEO reports to the Board of Trustees and would operate within India Alliance’s policies, strategic plan, programme of work, and partnership agreements. He/she is accountable to the Board of Trustees and has the overall responsibility of the day-to-day operations of India Alliance.

The CEO provides leadership and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees, assists the Board in decision-making, and implements and executes the Board’s policies and directives. The CEO will maintain a high professional profile and have the ability to access both national and international opportunities and develop collaborative efforts with other organizations, both private and public. He/she is the external face of the India Alliance.

Major Responsibilities

External Leadership. The CEO is the external face of India Alliance. S/he is expected to work with external agents to promote the organization and develop new partnerships that fulfill its vision and mission, including securing new partnerships, especially with other private/public foundations and the philanthropy sector, both in India and overseas.

1. Visionary Leadership. Communicate the vision of India Alliance to external agents, especially the private and philanthropy sectors for future funding.
2. Partnership Management. Work collaboratively with existing funders and build new partnerships to further the vision and mission of India Alliance.
3. Reputation Management. Ensure that the reputation and prestige of India Alliance is maintained within India as well as globally.
4. Research ecosystem leadership. Through various channels of advocacy, motivate research institutions to strengthen research culture; and positively influence the Indian funding ecosystem.
5. Diversity and inclusion. Demonstrate through actions a commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of governance, external grant making and internal management.

Internal Leadership. The CEO provides the vision, direction, inspiration and motivation required to fulfill the mission of India Alliance.

1. Mission Management. Work with the Board and staff to define the mission and strategy for India Alliance, communicate it effectively within the organization, develop strategies to achieve the goals, and aim for continuous improvement.
2. Board Management. Work with the Board to help ensure proper constitution and training for effective governance, which meets the standards and requirements of the funding organizations.
3. Values and Standards Management. Work with the Board and staff to ensure adoption of the organization’s values and ethical standards, and adherence to these, including by the institutions that receive India Alliance funding.
4. Identity Management. Work with the Board and staff to ensure preservation of the organization’s history, brand and identity, and work towards continuous improvement of its work culture and the external profile of the brand.

Internal Management. The CEO makes decisions that result in effective and efficient functioning of the organization.

1. Programme Management. Work with the Board and staff to develop the Programme and Policies for effective grants management and grant-making, which are aligned with the organization’s vision and mission, and ensure that the necessary strategies and systems are properly implemented.
2. Financial Management. Work with the Board and Finance & Audit Committee to ensure effective financial administration, which is aligned to deliver the organization’s mission and ensure that risk is effectively managed to standards set by the funding organizations.
3. Staff Management. Ensure that staff are properly selected, trained and supported for career development. Also ensure an efficient, fair and transparent annual appraisal system, and periodic benchmarking against the market.
4. Impact Management. Work with the Board and staff to establish monitoring and evaluation processes to track the organization’s impact on the biomedical research ecosystem; and ensure continuous learning feeds back into organizational performance from this process.

Key Selection Criteria


  • A postgraduate qualification in biomedical sciences (PhD or MD) is required, a further business qualification MBA or similar is desirable.
  • Extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of India’s biomedical, clinical and public health research environment.
  • Should have previous exposures in achieving leadership positions with exemplary programme management skills and networking.
  • Good acumen for partnership development.
  • S/he should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Effective ambassadorial and influencing skills.
  • Credibility with senior stakeholders in other organisations.
  • A strong command of the English language.


Critical Competencies

As an organization with a mission to advance discovery and innovation to improve health, India Alliance invests in basic, clinical and public health research to strengthen India’s biomedical research ecosystem. The CEO will provide visionary leadership for cutting edge biomedical research, outreach and public engagement activities

  • Guide strategic planning to identify, evaluate and engage with new opportunities for India Alliance.
  • Cultivate existing and new strategic partnerships in India and beyond with a broader perspective and vision.
  • Collaborate with other private and/or public organizations, leading to greater impact for India Alliance.
  • Build and nurture positive relationships with scientists and research institutions across India and beyond.
  • Promote basic, clinical and public health research to build a more impactful biomedical research ecosystem in India.
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing to further India Alliance’s mission.


Job Features

Job CategoryNGO
LocationHyderabad or New Delhi (India)
SalaryCompetitive package
Contract TypeFull-time
Closing Date9th December 2019

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Job Features

Job CategoryNGO
LocationHyderabad or New Delhi (India)
SalaryCompetitive package
Contract TypeFull-time
Closing Date9th December 2019

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