Nurturing Inclusivity

At Oxford HR we understand the shifting nature of intersectionality and we are committed to addressing these challenges in our assignments, as well as our internal and external communications.

To fulfil this commitment, we have set our own ambition of ensuring at least 50% of our longlist is made up of under-represented candidates. In all our recent work, we have successfully promoted roles globally to diverse audiences and have produced long lists and shortlists, in line with gender and diversity targets. For example, ensuring the inclusion of targeted percentages of men and women from both developed and developing countries.

With our many years of experience and a proven track record – in the last year 67% of our global appointments were women and 30% were from a diverse ethnic background – we strive to continually promote diversity in its broadest possible sense, whilst still maintaining our focus on identifying suitable and relevant candidates with the necessary managerial and leadership skills, and specific technical expertise. We are, therefore, in a very strong position to support you in the implementation of your plans and achieving your objectives in this area.

of our Senior Appointments in 2019 were Women