Meet our new Associate Director, Latin America

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Jennifer Chumacero

Oxford HR are delighted that Jennifer Chumacero joined the team at the end of last year, to bring the Oxford HR offering to clients in Latin America. We asked her a series of questions to get to know her better:

What was your role before joining Oxford HR?

I have worked for the last few years as a senior consultant in organisational development and headhunting. I have advised organisations in the development, public and private sector in my country and abroad.

I have accompanied projects of reorganisation, strengthening of HR teams, performance appraisals, and development of leaders competencies.

For the last 2 years I have trained as a master ontological coach and expert in executive coaching.


What do you feel you can bring to your clients?

I can offer my clients active listening, understanding the organisation, its challenges and its pains, so that the processes they carry forward are adjusted to their needs. I like to build a close and trusting relationship with them so that they can find in me an ally.

I can contribute with a strategic vision; I am interested in analyzing the external and internal context of organizations so that my advice is comprehensive.


Why did you decide to join Oxford HR?

Central and South America is going through a complex moment in the development sector. It is a challenge to work on making organisations more agile, high-impact and innovative. Through Oxford HR, we can contribute to the search for profiles with these characteristics. I feel very aligned with the values of Oxford HR, I firmly believe in the need to close poverty gaps, seeking equal opportunities and quality of life for people.

For many years I have been part of SNV Bolivia, and working with Oxford HR is to rediscover a purpose beyond one’s own well-being. That motivates me.


In your opinion, what makes a great job application?

I believe that a job application process isn’t left to chance, it is a strategic action. It involves a high knowledge of yourself, your interests, knowledge, skills, abilities and achievements. It is about clearly understanding the organisation you are applying to and showing how your profile matches what they are looking for.


What issues keep you awake at night?

I think we are in a very delicate moment in the world, where political interests come before the interests of the community.

There is a lot to be done on human rights, governance, climate change, but I also think that organisations need to adapt to this changing world.


What book have you read most recently?

“El arte de soplar brasas”, Leornardo Wolk (the art of blowing embers).

This book invites you to generate bonds from understanding and listening to others, with a genuine interest in understanding them and generating more powerful relationships through self-knowledge.

In my practice as an executive coach, I have accompanied leaders in their management skills and their ability to inspire others and I am sure that listening and conversation are the key elements to do so.