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Higher Education in Sub Saharan Africa: Challenges and Prospects

Higher education is one of the key sectors that could contribute to economic growth and development in the increasingly global society, key to the comprehensive sustainable development of Africa. In line with this vision, various governments and non-governmental institutions have recently initiated several policies and models in an attempt to…
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The Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment

Oxford HR’s Erik van Weert, our Deputy Director for Europe, recently attended the Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment from 12-15 April. Hosted by IHRB, the ILO, and IOM, the annual GFRR is a thought leadership platform for accelerating the fair, ethical and responsible recruitment of migrant workers. It convenes a…
Erik van Weert
29 April 2021
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AI for Good

Oxford HR attended the WHF ‘AI for Good’ Webinar at the end of January, hoping to understand more about the various technologies that are being implemented in the For Purpose sector with AI. With brilliant speakers (Alice Piterova, AI For Good; Ann Rosenberg, Wood plc; Elizabeth Njoroge, Christian Aid; Nicola Strong, Oxford Brookes University) and some…
Suzie Mills
2 February 2021
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The Mindful Leader

We are in the midst of a great opportunity for the leaders of today’s organisations. The convergence of crisis is demanding better focus, more agility, and an enhanced capacity to deal with the complex demands of our world. Leaders who can rise to these challenges by incorporating mindful principles into their…