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Interns at Oxford HR

We love the fresh perspectives Interns bring to our organisation.  Their ideas, hard work and dedication more than make up for the time it takes to provide work shadowing, supervision and learning opportunities.  It can be hard to find routes into permanent roles, or even to decide which career is…
Jamie Phillips
21 January 2016
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HR Matters: Salary Negotiation

Book review: ‘Salary Negotiation 101’: A special report from Business Management Daily This book provides comprehensive, step by step guidance on negotiating a pay rise in a straightforward and encouraging manner. It is a useful tool for potential employees negotiating a job offer, new employees or seasoned veterans who have been with…
Thibaut Mills
21 December 2015
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Top 10 Tips for Interim Managers

Interim Managers are senior, skilled and experienced managers who are able to step into senior manager / director / expert roles in client organisations and add value very quickly. They need to be confident individuals, who combine considerable ability to bring fresh ideas and ways of doing things with the ability to…
Jamie Phillips
20 November 2015