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In Conversation with: Pete Ondeng

Pete Ondeng is a seasoned economic development practitioner, author, thought leader and inspiring public speaker.  He has led several local and international organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors.  Today, he draws on his broad experience to provide strategic advice to companies and non-profit organizations.  He has advised corporate…
Oxford HR
13 February 2019
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Competency based interviews. A greater indication of past performance or future potential?

Competency-based interviews are increasingly becoming one of the most common interview methods employers are using. With HR becoming increasingly recognised as fundamental to business development, this format of interview gives employers the ability to assess how candidates have previously performed in relation to the job specification at hand (1). They…
Helena Newton
4 May 2018
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The Ongoing Struggle for Net Neutrality

Cambridge Analytica’s data breach, which has compromised at least 87 million Facebook users’ personal information,(1) has taken the internet by storm this week, causing many to vow to stop using the platform. The breach also included harvesting people’s personal messages, which has awakened the current conversation about privacy and caused…
Razane Cherk
13 April 2018
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Why is Climate Change Still Controversial?

At the Paris climate conference in December 2015, 195 countries adopted the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal with the long term goal of keeping the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to attempt to limit the increase to 1.5°C. .  However, a report…
Jamie Phillips
20 January 2017
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Barry Oshry’s Organisation Workshop

Barry Oshry's Organisation Workshop in Brighton for people working in charities and community sector groups is part of a world-wide initiative that takes place in October each year when consultants and trainers connected to the work of Barry Oshry give their time for free in order to increase access to Oshry's work. Date: Thursday 27 October 2016…
Jamie Phillips
8 September 2016