Are you Considering a Career Change?

Career development is a lifelong endeavor, an evolution of goals and values and expertise. If you have not reached the level of success in your current path that you know yourself to be capable of, then it could be time for a change.  Reinventing your professional life could be just…
Jamie Phillips
27 March 2015

Employers treating CVs like Tinder

Employers are treating CVs like dating app Tinder and spend less than ten seconds on each, according to new research. Employers spend just 8.8 seconds looking at potential candidates' CVs, in a process that has become “Tinderised” according to a survey from the UK’s youth programme, National Citizen Service. The…
Oxford HR
20 January 2015

How to write a Statement

GENERAL GUIDANCE It is essential to tailor your statement to the position and employer. It really does not give a good impression if your application for the post of Director of Oxford HR is headed “Sales Director - Alpha Sales.” Keep it succinct (no more than 2 sides of A4)…
Thibaut Mills
2 October 2014