From Oxford to Bangkok

Oxford HR team was in Bangkok, Thailand to attend the 4th Annual AIDF Asia Summit on June 20-21st 2018 ( . The forum brought together 250+ regional decision makers from regional governments, UN agencies, NGOs, intergovernmental and civil society organisations to discuss strategies around improving AID delivery and health resilience…
Helena Newton
29 June 2018

From Canary Wharf to the Amsterdam Canals

At Oxford HR we have had an exciting and challenging fortnight and we thought we would share our latest developments with you. It all started last week with our quarterly strategic away day, when we all gathered from around the world (Sudan, Amsterdam, and even Brighton!), joining forces to decide on…
Maria Grigore
22 June 2018
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Oxford HR at the ERA Annual Conference

Oxford HR has recently joined the Executive Research Association (ERA), a network of research professionals promoting excellence and professionalism in our field, as well as an open and welcoming space for the discussion of industry trends and best practices. On Wednesday, ERA held its Annual Conference, which I had the…
Maria Grigore
27 April 2018

Charity People and Culture Conference 2017

On Wednesday 20th September at Congress House in central London the third Charity People and Culture Conference was organised by Civil Society Media. The conference aim was to focus on the cultural shift within the sector which seeks increasingly to place people at the front of those organisations, whilst also looking…
Oxford HR
22 September 2017
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Barry Oshry’s Organisation Workshop

Barry Oshry's Organisation Workshop in Brighton for people working in charities and community sector groups is part of a world-wide initiative that takes place in October each year when consultants and trainers connected to the work of Barry Oshry give their time for free in order to increase access to Oshry's work. Date: Thursday 27 October 2016…
Jamie Phillips
8 September 2016

Office Perks

The Oxford HR team got such a buzz from meeting colleagues at our annual Christmas party that we almost wished we could have a party every day. Oxford HR Christmas Party Of course that's not possible, and anyway, parties are more special if you have to wait. However, some everyday…
Jamie Phillips
18 December 2015
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Event: Bond’s Annual General Meeting

Oxford HR is sponsoring Bond's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 16 November 2015. Following the AGM business there will be a panel discussion bringing together different perspectives on the refugee crisis. The panel: Leigh Daynes, Executive Director of Doctors of the World Sami Ramadani, lecturer in sociology and member of the…
Jamie Phillips
11 November 2015