Case Study

Case Study

Joanna Reid
Director of International Programmes

GOAL was founded in 1977 and has since responded to nearly all of the world’s major humanitarian crises, helping the most vulnerable across 60 countries. With the aim of empowering communities to develop resilience and greater control over their lives, GOAL aims to increase the wellbeing of the world’s poorest…
Tim Brann
15 March 2021
Case Study

Elaine J Cheung
 WWF International
Finance Trustee

Oxford HR had the pleasure of working with WWF International again in March 2020, to aid in their search for a Finance Trustee to sit on the International Board. Being in the midst of a global pandemic, the search and appointment were conducted entirely remotely, with a very specific brief…
Tim Brann
20 January 2021
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Multiple Roles

Reall has a mission – to build an affordable homes movement that will improve the life chances of 100 million people across Africa and Asia by 2030. They are building homes for human potential and are innovators and investors in affordable homes. Reall develop, refine and share innovative housing models…
Tim Brann
17 January 2021
Case StudyEducation

Susan Place Everhart
Sabre Education

‘Education underpins all the Sustainable Development Goals.’ Sabre Education is a partnership between two linked education charities, registered in the UK and Ghana. The organization works across the three regions of southern Ghana in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education to improve the futures of poor and marginalised children.…
Tim Brann
14 January 2021
Case StudyNewsUK

England Committee Members
RSPB England

Amongst the many challenges the SARS Covid-19 Virus created this year, the dramatic changes in March provided an opportunity for nature to become a focal point both globally and locally. We saw a shift in values towards protecting and celebrating the large and small pockets of nature, from those who…
Tim Brann
3 November 2020
Case Study

Oulie Keita
Executive Director
YouthConnekt Africa

"The vision for YouthConnekt Africa (YCA) is to connect the youth to socio-economic transformation. I identify with this vision for African youth." YouthConnekt Africa is an African home-grown solution positioned to provide relevant solutions for the global South and to support the implementation of relevant South-South initiatives to empower youth.…
Tim Brann
13 October 2020
APACCase Study

Asken Sinaga
Executive Director
NLR Indonesia

NLR has over 50 years of shared history in the fight against leprosy and the promotion of inclusion. NLR Indonesia has been at the forefront of the innovations that have been piloted and needed an Executive Director to lead the fight for zero leprosy and help NLR transition into a…
Tim Brann
22 July 2020
APACCase StudyEducation

Gopesh Tewari
Education Manager

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), is the world’s premier research organisation dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger through rice science; improving the health and welfare of rice farmers and consumers and protecting the rice-growing environment for future generations. Founded in 1960, the institute, headquartered in the Philippines, has offices…
Tim Brann
3 July 2020
Case StudyEurope Case Studies

Tanya Cox

What does it take to be the Director of an international network of NGOs in current times? This was the question that the CONCORD Board set about answering when it was looking to replace its Director. CONCORD is the European Confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. It is made up…
Tim Brann
30 June 2020