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Tim Brann


Claudia Surjadjaja
Hivos – Supervisory Council Trustee

Hivos is a Dutch non-governmental organisation guided by humanist values. Hivos aims to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world, where citizens - both women and men - have equal access to resources, opportunities and markets and can participate equally in the decision-making processes that impact on their lives.…
Tim Brann
21 November 2019
Case Study

Angshu Sengupta
Director of Finance – IRRI

IRRI’s mission is to improve livelihoods and nutrition; abolishing poverty, hunger, and malnutrition among those who depend on rice-based agrifood systems. In doing so, IRRI’s work protects the health of rice farmers and consumers, and the environmental sustainability of rice farming in a world challenged by climate change. IRRI’s work…
Tim Brann
23 October 2019