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Suzie Mills


Preparing for a senior level interview

  Your dream job came up within the International Development sector; you tailored your CV, wrote a brilliant cover letter and now, you’ve been invited to interview. Any organisation will have its own recruitment procedures, but more than likely there will be several stages, especially at CEO or Board level…
Suzie Mills
28 January 2022
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Reflections on AIDEX 2021

It was with a little trepidation and a lot of excitement that the Oxford HR team attended AIDEX 2021 in Brussels in November. Due to the pandemic, this would be the first in person event we had been at for over three years and in a sector like ours, where…
Suzie Mills
29 November 2021
Thought Leadership

AI for Good

Oxford HR attended the WHF ‘AI for Good’ Webinar at the end of January, hoping to understand more about the various technologies that are being implemented in the For Purpose sector with AI. With brilliant speakers (Alice Piterova, AI For Good; Ann Rosenberg, Wood plc; Elizabeth Njoroge, Christian Aid; Nicola Strong, Oxford Brookes University) and some…
Suzie Mills
2 February 2021