In Conversation with: Angeline Siparo

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Angeline Siparo

1. What is your work experience prior to joining Oxford HR?

Prior to coming to Oxford HR, I had been working for American INGO’s working in the health and development space. I had also been giving my time to smaller NGO’s collaborating with women rights programs, building livelihoods and pushing for girls’ education. I was also lending my voice to various platforms pushing for the rights of young people and those referred to as “key populations” in the HIV space. I also served on various “purpose driven boards”. Amnesty International, Grace Machel’s Campaign to End Paediatric AIDS and most recently, Chair of the Board of the National AIDS Control Council in Kenya.

2. Who would be your dream client and why?

A company committed to transforming the world and ready to put in time, resources, and innovation.

3. What do you feel you can bring to our clients?

I have experience leading and managing. I also come from a background that believes that people are the most valuable resource for any organization. I also have skills in DEI, facilitation and people driven participatory dynamics. I also love working with others and everyone should work on something they enjoy doing because life is too short to be in a draining job. Also, of importance to me, is creating space at the table for women, people of colour, people with disabilities and people of different gender orientations. I listen, I am inclusive, and I have done intense self-work and I call myself to account on biases, judgements, and undue expectations.

4. In your opinion what makes a great application?

The firm knows what they want, they are ready to get the right and best person. The applicants are clear what they want, and we perform our magic as Oxford HR to make the connection take place. I also desire to bring transformation leaders on board and the greatest application is having the right people to create time to put in their application!

5. What is your favourite book of all time and why?

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This book ignited my imagination and launched my desire to write. I have always been a reader…this has remained my all-time favourite.

Angeline is a development practitioner with 25 years of experience working for non-profits, international NGOs, U.N. agencies, and government institutions. She is driven by a passion for positive change in Africa (and the world) and committed to working with others with similar values and aspirations. She brings extensive experience in governance, advocacy and policy development and program design.