Cover Letter Doctor

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Two African women analysing cover letter

What mistakes do candidates often make on their cover letters?

  • Using previously tailored cover letters from other job applications
  • Replicating their CV in the cover letter
  • Not motivating their application with precise information that is relevant to the role
  • Writing very long cover letters that are not precise and tailored for the role
  • Writing short a cover letters that are generic and giving little information in relation to the role
  • Grammatical errors, lack of proof reading, layout, and proof reading.
  • Using a CV template for the cover letter

What makes a good cover letter?

  • Seek a call/discussion with the contact given to acquaint yourself with the role and any perspectives that is not obvious or given in the advert information
  • A relevant heading
  • Introduce yourself acknowledging you saw the advert/candidate pack/job description and give your elevator pitch/paragraph on why you are the right candidate for the role
  • Do not give unnecessary and long narratives
  • Provide a good summary of your experience, exposure, and qualifications in line with the givens for the position
  • Acknowledge the opportunity presented for you to apply and invite further engagement on the role

5 tips on job interviews.

  • Research on the organisation – purpose, vision, values, work, locations, and the organisational structure
  • Be clear about your motivation for the role (how you align with the organisation, what you bring to the table and less about your need for a new role).
  • Have clarity on how your previous experience links into the role. Remember that the panel has read your CV and not interested in you regurgitate that information again
  • Respond to questions with practical examples of what you have done in the past, how it links into what is being asked and theoretical understanding of what is being asked
  • Create a strong and balanced picture in your responses – strategic leadership, people leadership, stakeholder management, resourcefulness, and tenacity
  • If it is online, please practice with someone before the call, ensure lighting, sound background and your positioning is great before the interview. Have a second device on standby in case one fails you