Skype Interview Tips

By 14 August 2020 No Comments

With over 40 million daily active users on Skype and 300 million daily meeting participants on Zoom, videotelephone software is swiftly becoming the preferred means of online communication, especially in regards to recruitment and job interviewing. This is more the case now given the current climate in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, with more employees working remotely.

Skype, Zoom, and other similar software offer appealing benefits for both candidates and recruiters when conducting interviews. At Oxford HR we’ve been using videotelephone services for our interviews for years as it allows us to easily speak with candidates and clients wherever in the world they’re based. Here are our tips for ensuring your online interviews are the best they can be.

Be Prepared

In advance of the interview, make sure both parties have exchanged username details and are added into respective contact lists. It’s also a good idea to have the meeting link and relevant details included within the meeting invite, whether this be Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or others. If you’ve not used these applications before, make sure you’ve downloaded them and signed up. If you’re using a personal account, make sure your username and photo are professional.

Back Up Plan

Sometimes internet connections can fail, or perhaps the technology needs to update. In any case, ensure that both candidate and recruiter have a back up telephone number, so if things go awry, the call can still go ahead, or you can speak in order to reschedule.

Test Run

In the days prior to the interview, test your microphone and webcam by calling a colleague or friend. This will ensure the quality of the call is good and that all your technology is working correctly.

Location, Location, Location

It’s important for both interviewee and interviewer that the interview takes place in a quiet room with minimal distractions, good lighting and a good internet connection. Ensure that you’re well presented (as you would be for a face-to-face interview!).

Video call interviews have so many benefits; they offer greater flexibility, both in terms of time zone and location, and they can help you, as a candidate, present the best version of yourself from the comfort of a familiar space. Just ensure you’re set up correctly and then conduct the interview as usual!