Oxford HR has placed three trustees at St Christopher’s Fellowship, a charity founded in 1870 supporting housing, fostering and specialist support services, all designed for young people in care. All three were satisfied with Oxford HR’s involvement, noting “The process and engagement from the outset has been excellent.  Honesty and professionalism come to mind when thinking back to this process.”

The trustees have a range of backgrounds, an Executive Headteacher of Primary Schools, a Headteacher in South West London, and a Chief HR Officer with over 20 years’ experience across different sectors.

When asked on their aspirations in the role of trustee, John answers “As Headteacher, I see day in and day out the needs within the care sector and how this can adversely affect them when things go wrong and how when it goes right the positive effect it can then have on their lives and education.  In being a Trustee at St Christopher’s I hope to bring my knowledge of young people to challenge and support the organisation to have an excellent contribution to their lives and in turn aid the Trust to become the best in the sector.”

Kelly notes that “I had no plans to be a trustee, the thought never crossed my mind. However, as a youngster, I lived in a St. Christopher’s home for 16-18 year olds. This was an incredibly difficult time and I believe the support I was given helped me to develop into the person I am today.”

Despite their respective differences, the three trustees are united in why they were drawn to the organisation, as Doreen summarises “St Christopher’s does extraordinary work with young people.  The services they provide are invaluable to the many children they look after in their homes and through other supporting services.”

And Kelly adds “It’s a privilege to be in the role and to be contributing to supporting the futures of the young people at Christopher’s support.”

Tim Brann

Tim Brann

Tim started working with Oxford HR in 2018, having graduated with a BSc in Product Design from Brunel University London. Although initially trained as a Product Designer, he has worked on a diverse range of projects across graphic design, 3D installations and website design and development. Tim has a keen interest in design as a tool for positive social change, especially among children's social care, and has pursued this through previous work for the GravityLight Foundation, small not-for-profit startups, and now at Oxford HR.