Generations for Peace (GFP) works with communities at the grassroots promoting youth leadership, community empowerment, active tolerance and understanding, as well as responsible citizenship, in order to achieve sustainable conflict transformation. Oxford HR has worked with GFP along the years, helping them find the leaders who will challenge and transform the organisation. In the words of Mark Clark, CEO at GFP:

“We know our future success depends on the talent we can attract into our team. We must not be satisfied with average. We are searching for the best – people who have demonstrated extraordinary track record of performance in their previous and current roles but also demonstrate the strongest potential to learn and develop themselves and the grit and passion to take GFP to the next level. That’s why Oxford HR’s support is so crucial: the search expertise that the Oxford HR team have demonstrated through each recruitment for us is consistently generating a higher standard of applications, from directions GFP alone could not reach, and with nuanced filtering tailored to Oxford HR’s deep understanding of our technical needs and organisational culture. Our organisation is a little unusual, and our requirements can be challenging to meet. But Oxford HR is a trusted partner who is able to represent and sell GFP to attract the right talent. The proof of Oxford HR’s approach is evidenced by the qualities of each new team member they have helped us to recruit, and the significant contribution they are able to make to our mission. We are extremely happy with Oxford HR’s support and would highly recommend their expertise to other NGOs.”

It was a pleasure for us to talk to several of the candidates we placed. For example, Lindsay McClain Opiyo started at the GFP’s HQ in Amman, Jordan, for her first year in 2016, then worked remotely from Gulu, Uganda, through 2017 and 2018, and in June 2019 she has moved to USA to be their first full-time staff in the USA, as they begin to expand their US presence for fundraising, and initiate their first-ever programme activities in the US.

Lindsay McClain Opiyo, Development and Partnerships Director, GFP US Representative

Lindsay joined GFP in 2016 as she wanted to work with an international organisation working on peacebuilding issues globally. Having worked for several years on grassroots peacebuilding initiatives in Uganda, she joined GFP because it could provide opportunities for further professional growth in peacebuilding and partnership development in many different contexts. She expected to be challenged by working in new contexts and regions, but was convinced it was the right move when she found alignment with GFP’s emphasis on community-led peacebuilding programming. In the 3.5 years she’s been with GFP, her role and responsibilities have expanded from grant-writing to partnership development and outreach in the US and around the world. She is honoured and really excited to be entrusted with being the first GFP staff based in the US, where she opened GFP’s first US office in Washington, DC, in July 2019. She is also supporting the kick-off of GFP’s first-ever US programmes in Chicago, and leads GFP’s global fundraising team.

“Oxford HR was crucial in connecting me with Generations For Peace, and seeing the match between my experience and skills in programming,  research and communications, and GFP’s needs to find a grant writer who could grow into other areas as the organisation evolves. They saw the potential in me to fill GFP’s immediate, medium and long-term needs, and it’s been an immensely gratifying journey with GFP so far.”

Ghada Ammar, Communications Director

Ghada wasn’t looking for a new role when Oxford HR approached her. This was the first time that a role came in harmony with her experience and qualifications, and with an organisation that combines the Jordanian identity with the experience of international experts and have the youth as the target audience. GFP doesn’t bring a ready-made design but makes the community step up and identify their own needs. They don’t change behaviour according to available funding, but according to their values and starting at the grassroots level. She was impressed to learn how strong is the volunteering community within GFP, with volunteers having been there for longer than a decade; unusual for Jordan.

In her role, Ghada wants to reach effective communication that supports behaviour change more than visibility. She wants to reflect the successes and the stories of the work the volunteers are doing, supporting them to spread their ideas and making more visible that change is happening. Empowering them from the communications and technical level will pave the way for them to implement their role better, by taking action and not only being aware. She’s very excited because of the out of the box style GFP has, where she can excel her potential and has room for new ideas that were not accepted before.

As for us “I think I’m in love with Oxford HR”. Ghada respected and admired everyone she’s met, and was impressed by the approach, proficiency, empathy, consideration for each candidate, and humanising process that Oxford HR has given.

Essam Barakat, Chief Operations Officer

GFP is the type of organisation that Essam always wanted to be part of. GFP’s mission and vision were definitely the motivation for Essam, and it’s exactly how he expected it to be after he joined. Also, another important reason is that GFP is a leading peace-building organisation that is ranked #29 in the “Top 500 NGOs in the World” in 2019 by NGO Advisor.

The role is challenging, and Essam will try to add all of his expertise and do his best to support GFP’s CEO and the organisation to achieve their goals and beyond. He feels lucky and delighted to have been chosen to take on this important and interesting position.

Essam’s experience with Oxford HR was great and pleasant: “They have supported me in a way that made me feel that I’m dealing with friends and not an HR company”.