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Barry Oshry’s Organisation Workshop

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Barry Oshry’s Organisation Workshop in Brighton for people working in charities and community sector groups is part of a world-wide initiative that takes place in October each year when consultants and trainers connected to the work of Barry Oshry give their time for free in order to increase access to Oshry’s work.

Date: Thursday 27 October 2016

Time: 09:30 – 17:00

Location: Brighton Friends Meeting House, Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AF, United Kingdom

Facilitators: Celine McKeown and Jackie Thoms are the principal facilitators of the workshop. John Watters will be available as a coach for participants.

About the Workshop:

“The workshop is based on the ground-breaking work of Barry Oshry and his insights into systems leadership. Through decades of research, Oshry made a simple observation. In organisation after organisation, regardless of industry, size or country, he witnessed the same self-limiting patterns of behaviour. Each time the problem people encountered in their organisations were thought to be unique and personal. And the solution: to shuffle, coach or fire the players. The only problem was the same issues kept coming back. What Oshry realised was that the vast majority of problems were not, in fact, just personal. Instead, they were systemic – meaning, shaped by the different contexts within which people operate and work relative to one another. And that the path to leadership and more effective organisations lay not in changing the players, but in working the systemic issues in ways that produce lasting results.”

See website for complete details and booking instructions:

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