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Interns at Oxford HR

By 21 January 2016 No Comments

We love the fresh perspectives Interns bring to our organisation.  Their ideas, hard work and dedication more than make up for the time it takes to provide work shadowing, supervision and learning opportunities.  It can be hard to find routes into permanent roles, or even to decide which career is right for you before you have gained much experience.  Even established practitioners can benefit from some time to shadow work practices in a different environment.  We hope that by offering Internships at Oxford HR, we are benefiting those who participate, as well as developing fresh talent for the sector.

As we get to know our new Intern, Chauly Werrett, now seems like a good time to review some of the recent contributions Interns have made to our company.  Looking back over the last year, we welcomed no less than five Interns or Work Experience students into the office, with our sixth, Chauly, joining us at the end of November.  Here they all are, with a quick summary of what they achieved:

Renate Heubach was our first Intern of the year: we were very fortunate to be contacted by an experienced Senior Consultant Associate and Project Manager for work shadowing experience.  In the end Renate did much more than shadow our work: she supported candidates with coaching services for a period; she also did a lot of the ground work for our new Interims Service.  Renate has past experience of working for NGOs engaged in international development and Human Rights, so she really understood the ethos of Oxford HR.  In career terms, Renate says,”As an experienced process consultant and career coach I was interested [to see] how I could broaden my sphere of activity to the international labour market.”  We were delighted when she agreed to maintain her association with us after the end of her seven weeks.  Although she has now returned to her home in Berlin, Germany, we remain in contact.

Camille Varlet arrived with us the week after Renate came, which worked out well in terms of collaboration on some projects.  Camille had already gained a Master’s degree in Labour and Business Law, and wanted to put some of her learning into practice.  Explaining her motivations, Camille says,”I was looking for some practical experience in law […], but I also wanted to broaden my skills […] Oxford HR really sounds like a good opportunity as it is a small and flexible company. Working in an English environment attracted me as well. Plus, on a personal [level], I travel quite a lot, both as a tourist and as a volunteer (India, Cambodia). I enjoy meeting new people, discovering new ways of living/cultures and sharing experiences. That’s why the international development sector sounds great to me.”  Camille immediately applied her legal knowledge by overhauling our policies and procedures, working with colleagues to devise action plans.  She also assisted with some of the financial planning for the Interims Service, as well as experiencing general office tasks.  After three months, we were sorry to see her go, but are delighted to hear she was accepted into the prestigious ESCP Europe to study for her Master in European Business, and is working on a consultancy with the bank BNP Paribas.

Clare Hyde joined us through Oxford University’s Micro Internship scheme.  Micro Interns work on a focussed one week project before returning to complete their studies.  Clare really hit the ground running and got to work on our marketing plan for the US.  She quickly identified several areas where we could improve our social media presence, and created a comprehensive marketing plan with associated action list.  She assisted in creating a brochure tailored to the US market, which we used the following month at the Inside NGO Conference in Washington.  After all that, she very generously found time to return the following week to present the results at our Team Meeting.  Clare’s work was very much appreciated, and we are still using her action list to inform our marketing activities.

Jason Weaver was our youngest sojourner, putting in a solid week of work experience in general office skills prior to starting his GSCEs.  Mature beyond his years, Jason adapted well to office life, and impressed us all with his extensive knowledge of pop culture.  He assisted with preparations for our trip to the Inside NGO Conference in Washington, making improvements to our display materials.  As the son of Oxford HR Principal Consultant Toby Weaver, Jason was brought up amongst international development professionals – many amusing family stories were recounted by Toby while he was with us in the office, and it is to Jason’s credit that he weathered these without complaint.

Prema Shah was another short-term visitor, working with us for one week in the office, and another week from home.  Building on the work started by Clare, she helped to fine-tune our social media strategy, setting up post scheduling and writing several blog posts.  Prema has now returned to her studies in Economics, and has become a Brand Ambassador for Management Consultants Deloitte.

Last, but certainly not least, our most recent arrival is Chauly Werrett.  Joining us just in time for our seasonal festivities, Chauly has already made some significant contributions to our work, taking a key role in business planning, process design and the creation of materials for our new Interims Service.  Her experience in international law will be invaluable in drafting contract templates and other legal documents.  Chauly will be with us for at least two months, and we look forward to sharing more about her progress in future articles.

Oxford HR has now created an Interns Strategy, and will be hosting further Internships in 2016.  Please feel free to contact us at for further information.  Existing applicants will be contacted when the next Internship opportunity arises.