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The Oxford HR team got such a buzz from meeting colleagues at our annual Christmas party that we almost wished we could have a party every day.

Oxford HR Christmas Party

Oxford HR Christmas Party

Of course that’s not possible, and anyway, parties are more special if you have to wait. However, some everyday pleasures we never tire of – here’s a selection of the things we do to enhance our working week:

Every Monday a bowl of organic fruit is delivered to the office, along with a week’s supply of organic milk. This means we always have a healthy snack to hand if it ever seems a long time till lunch, and this helps staff get some of their five a day. We are also supporting UK organic farmers Riverford. Organic farms take extra care to protect the environment and improve animal welfare, so we can all tuck in with a good conscience.

Office yoga

Office yoga

Twice a week our very own Jamie Phillips, who is a trained yoga teacher, leads a 15 minute office yoga session. The poses chosen are specially selected to be suitable when wearing ordinary clothes, so no Lycra is required. Though it takes a while to get used to adopting strange positions in front of your colleagues, staff who take part report feeling relaxed at work, or more invigorated and able to take on the day’s tasks.

During recent appraisals, junior staff requested more opportunities to expand their knowledge of the international development sector. We are exploring ways to fulfil this request, in addition to our usual training activities. One simple way has been to take out a subscription to New Internationalist magazine. We are fortunate to work in the same building as the New Internationalist co-operative. Their thought-provoking editorials help us to understand key debates in the sector and provide inspiration for further research.

These are just three examples of the small things that add up to making Oxford HR a wonderful place to work. If you also have some great office perks, please share them with us – we’re always on the look out for new ideas!

Happy Holidays from the team at Oxford HR!