Beyond Conflict for Oxford HR

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Working with Oxford HR to offer consulting services in conflict management, mediation and peacebuilding, Beyond Conflict is a company dedicated to enabling people to work and live together well.

The founders of Beyond Conflict Limited, Gavin and Katherine, have over 45 years of experience helping people to creatively transform their conflicts into meaningful and productive relationships. They have worked on six continents, with very large and very small organisations, at every level of society, and in some of the worlds most protracted and devastating conflicts.  They share a passion for bringing people together across racial, ethnic, social, cultural, religious, political, economic and business divisions. An abiding interest in restorative processes has seen them develop training, mediation and facilitation programmes aimed at building mutual cooperation and respect and at meeting common needs and achieving common objectives.

Gavin’s Story

Gavin’s passion for helping people understand and engage in their relationships in life affirming ways was forged by his deep distress at the way in which people were divided and taught to mistrust each other in apartheid South Africa. He played a part in training mediators and negotiators at the time of the transition, and in mediating in various social and political disputes. He also worked to train counsellors and promote stress and trauma healing for those traumatised by the brutality of the violence. Subsequently Gavin has worked as a conflict management specialist and advisor to major relief and development organisations as well as large and small businesses. Until a few years ago he was the managing director of a highly successful specialist services management company.  He is an experienced mediator, guide, counsellor and coach with businesses, with families and with couples seeking to develop mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationships.

Katherine’s Story

Katherine’s earlier career in education and the performing arts have contributed to her work in conflict resolution and restorative practice. She received training in mediation and conflict resolution in New York City and since moving to England has worked extensively in interpersonal and team mediation within the public, private, and voluntary sector including the NHS, HM Prison Service, the Home Office, Local Authorities, Political Parties, Universities and Publishing Firms. Katherine developed and delivers an intensive Mediation Course registered and endorsed by the Institute for Leadership and Management. Her work includes restorative justice and individual and team coaching. As an experienced mediator and trainer she has developed interventions for people struggling with racial, ethnic, cultural, political, social and economic conflict, and as her work has developed over the years she has come to consider all the work she does as ‘restorative’, in that her objective is to support a processes that make things better for everyone engaged in a conflict.

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