Career advice from recruiters, HR professionals and CEOs on LinkedIn

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As well as being a fantastic tool for job searching and connecting with other professionals in your field, LinkedIn frequently features columns by top professionals from a variety of sectors, with advice on leadership, creating a better workplace and job hunting, among other things.  Here are five of our favourite recent pieces with thought provoking ideas on finding and keeping the job you want.

Why You Can’t Change Careers

Do you have dreams of moving into the international development sector, but can’t quite convince yourself to make the switch? Moving into a different sector can be daunting and sometimes the biggest obstacles are self-imposed. Career Coach Val Olson explores some of the common psychological hurdles that those contemplating career changes can face and how to overcome them.

How to Job-Hunt Like a CEO

HR consultant Liz Ryan suggests that we should treat our careers as being our own business – of which we are the CEO. This means taking charge, not waiting for others to give us permission to act, and acting as a leader.

Want a Great Job? Be Ready to W O R K

In this post, CEO Phillip Berry emphasises the importance of treating your job search like a job in itself – making a plan, being persistent and methodical, and being prepared to see tasks through to completion.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Another great column from Liz Ryan, this time on how to ensure you impress at interview. This includes practical tips, like presentation and punctuality, making sure you do your research, and identifying an organisation’s needs and how you can best fulfil them as a candidate.

Making the Leap From Star Teammate to Great Leader

Taking on a senior leadership role after having been  responsible for only your own work performance, or that of a few others, can be difficult. Many successful candidates with Oxford HR will be making this step. Joel Peterson, Chairman at JetBlue, examines the key challenges in making this switch successfully.