“I can’t thank you enough for persevering with us through the recruitment process and finding us our candidate.  I am so very hopeful that he is going to significantly help our global team and myself in particular.”

We engaged Oxford HR to help us with a very challenging recruitment – Head of Evidence for the Start Network.  They kept the whole process moving forward, on time, with professionalism and humour.  They asked us to interview someone who didn’t on first impressions fit the profile, but they used good old fashioned instinct, based on deep understanding of the NGO world, to suggest we would like each other.  And we did!

“I have been in contact with Oxford HR as a candidate and the experience has been extremely rewarding. Of course, it had to do with being finally selected to which I had applied but I have to say that the positive experience of interacting with Oxford HR would have remained the same even with a different, less pleasant outcome. I have particularly appreciated: the very approachable team of consultants within Oxford HR, so constantly available to guide me through the process; their direct, fruitful and helpful feedback at every stage; the capacity to consult the Oxford HR consultants on personal concerns and to see that they would care for them in the appreciation of the matters… I would like to be able to advocate for such an effective, human-oriented head-hunting company, which in my experience, compares so favourably with bigger consulting companies.”

“We have engaged Oxford HR a number of times… understand our organisational culture… appropriate range of candidates… quick and well-informed response… delighted to have Oxford HR as an international partner…”

“…a quite exceptional field of candidates, which more than met our expectations. You put the candidates through their paces, and gave us detailed feedback … enabled us to agree a strong shortlist. … every possible assistance with the negotiations that followed …”

“[They] managed the process extremely professionally and with integrity and a personable touch helping to source great candidates, maintain a personal Gatsby feel to the recruitment whilst taking all the weight off us through the process. Importantly [they] helped to filter and ensure the fit was right and that candidates were well briefed and genuinely interested and suited to us.”

“Four key factors have convinced us of the benefit of using Oxford HR in future:
• your extensive search capabilities…
• your professional guidance and advice…
• your really useful LongList and ShortList Reports…
• your excellent communication and regular updates throughout
Thank you for all your support, and we look forward to working with you again on our next international recruitment.”

“I am really thrilled to be part of GFP. And I think Oxford HR’s application process played a large role in my getting the job. It was straightforward and quick, and what I appreciated most is that it is also considerate towards the applicant… For people who are in the beginning of their careers like me, it is very helpful to learn how to make a compelling case from the employer’s perspective… I felt I had a clear idea of what was expected of me and what to expect from GFP… Oxford HR made it much easier to be informed and in turn be confident that we make a good match.”

“I wish you well in your work and look forward to keep in touch with you. Thank you for your gracious feedback. This further attests to the high priority Oxford HR places on managing its human resources and relationships.”

“I was in the midst of a recruitment process at the UN… Now, I can tell you that I have accepted a position based in Nairobi. It is truly a role that fits me perfectly…  I also want to thank you for your tremendous help during the past period. Your support in assessing my qualities and interests, looking out for appropriate jobs, preparing for interviews, following up and encouraging me during the job seeking process, has been fantastic!”