Amel Alariqi

Amel joined Oxford HR in 2017 as part of the research team.

Amel has several years experience of working in communications roles in challenging humanitarian contexts. She has been administering and managing projects for over ten years. She worked as Bilingual Advice and Project Officer to support resettled Syrian refugees in their first year in the UK, liaising with local authorities to plan for the longer-term integration in their local community.

In Yemen, she worked as a Managing Editor at the Yemen Times, where she gained solid research, management and communication skills and developed short and long-term strategies to run the editorial room.

She also worked for Oxfam in Yemen, where she was responsible for interviewing and sourcing compelling stories on Oxfam’s programmes, securing international media coverage. During the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, she produced compelling blogs and photo stories, which were featured on Oxfam’s website and which drove an increase in donations.

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