Great Lakes Peace Centre: Translation of the SDGs

In 2014, I had the pleasure of travelling to Uganda to meet with the Rotaract Club of Kasese. Rotaract is the youth wing of Rotary International aimed at 18-30 year olds who want to make a difference and an impact within their community.

At the time, as a member of Winchester Rotary whose members had visited Kasese to work on the ‘Education Uganda’ project, I was made aware of the fantastic reputation that the Rotaract Club had built there. It was not long after that I was invited to visit. The friends I met are still some of my closest and we are in contact regularly, with many of the projects and ideas that have come out of this inspiring group of young people are truly amazing.

I could easily fill the page with projects and activities but I wanted to focus on their current and most ambitious project todate. A group of young people from this Rotaract Club, alongside others who are separate from it, have come together to create an organisation called ‘Great Lakes Peace Centre’; ‘Great Lakes Peace Centre is a Youth inspired grassroots organization that was formed to create a local solution to the peace challenges in the Great Lakes region of Africa, with its initial focus on Ugand,a where violence has been reoccurring since independence in 1962.’ The first and biggest project for the group is to translate the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into five local languages for distribution to local communities. To date the goals have already been translated into four of the five languages; Luganda, Kiswahili, Lukonzo and English, printed and are awaiting distribution. But, this particularly project does not stop here, the GLPC will be actively working with Local Government, Districts, Schools and community leaders to create focused group dialogues to enable the SDGs to be incorporated into their daily lives and planning processes.

The project is hugely ambitious but also very, very important. Farouk Kibaba, Peace Scholar and Executive Director of the GLPC, stated; “According to the United National Development Program, Uganda was one of the first countries to develop its 2015/16–2019/20 national development plan in line with the SDGs. The Uganda Government estimates that 76 per cent of the SDGs targets are reflected in the plan and adapted to the national context. The UN Country Team has supported the government to integrate the SDGs also into sub-national development plans, in line with the national plan.”

Call to action…

We will be following progress of the SDG Translation project and would be keen to hear your individual thoughts and ideas on the project.

Luke Addison,
International Service Secretary for Great Lakes Peace Centre.
Oxford HR, Research Associate