Appointment Brief

Appointment Brief, IRRI, Director of HR


IRRI (The International Rice Research Institute), an independent, non-profit scientific organization, is seeking a global Director of Human Resources. As Director of HR, you will be part of IRRI’s leadership team and serve as a strategic advisor, contributing to IRRI’s ongoing transformation programme and leading on all aspects related to human capital.

IRRI is one of 15 CGIAR research centers, hubs of scientific expertise working on behalf of the world’s poorest people. IRRI’s team of over 1,200 scientists and international development professionals includes people of 36 different nationalities, and works in 14 countries to deliver on the mission to reduce poverty and hunger, improve the lives of rice farmers and consumers and ensure the environmental sustainability of rice farming.  IRRI’s work is supported by governments and funding from private foundations.

IRRI is looking for an international HR executive with experience leading at group, regional or global business-unit level. The successful candidate will have a generalist HR background, with experience of a global workforce and of working in a not-for-profit, academic or research institution or with an NGO (or a blend of not-for-profit and private sector experience).  Additionally, will have to be part of leading transformation across multiple countries and have experience working in a developing country setting.


Competitive salary.

Compensation includes housing, health benefits, pension and other benefits.

Person Specification

• Has held an HR leadership role, either at headquarters or regional level, within a global organisation of
at least 200 people.
• Has worked at executive level within a not for profit organisation, university or research institute, or has
a background which includes not-for- profit organisations in addition to time in the business and/or
public sector.
• Has had a leadership role in delivering a major HR change programme across multiple countries.
• Has experience living and working in a developing country.
• Demonstrates focus on impact and results.
• Able to use competency-based tools and processes in core HR functions.
• Demonstrates professional competence and leadership in managing a multi-national HR team and in HR
policy development.
• Able to lead in a fast-changing environment.

• Able to demonstrate cultural sensitivity.
• Values diversity.
• Takes initiative and calculated risks.
• Leads team creatively and effectively and resolves conflicts.
• Builds strong client and partner relationships.
• Communicates clearly and convincingly.
• Develops and empowers people; builds team competence.
• Demonstrated ability to manage conflicts, negotiate and resolve disputes.

• University degree in management, human resources, business, public administration, law, social
sciences or a related field.
• Excellent oral and written command of English.

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