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Les Amis du Niger, a start-up charity with headquarters in Canary Wharf, is looking for an entrepreneurial Chief Executive Officer to help build and shape the organisation from the ground up. This role would be ideal for someone who has lead a department or a country/regional office and wants to take on their first CEO role. This person will need to have strong fundraising skills, proficiency with government grants, experience in West Africa and fluency in French. A background in education, agriculture, food security, partnerships and funding, economic development or private sector development would be an asset. This role is based in London and will require the right to work in the UK.

About Les Amis du Niger

Les Amis du Niger is a new charity building long-term capacity in Niger through economic empowerment.

Niger has been ranked last by the UN Human Development Index measure since 2011. International aid and support has been focussed on supporting health and agricultural development. Les Amis du Niger aims to increase access to opportunities for Niger to establish greater economic opportunity for its citizens. Growth in the economy will empower the nation to maintain its active and progressive role against radical extremism, and poverty in the Sahel.

By working with government, businesses and the non-profit community, Les Amis du Niger will endeavour to:

  • Enable a strong, diverse economy and private sector in Niger
  • Focus international attention on Niger and improve their international standing as a partner in combatting global challenges, including extremism, migration and climate change, with enhanced international relations and diplomatic access
  • Support opportunities for employment, education and skills development within Niger
  • Increase global awareness and knowledge of Niger

Advocacy Activities:

  • Develop an All Party Parliamentary Group of Niger, to increase development aid and act on mutually beneficial opportunities for Niger and the UK
  • Encourage preferential trade standing for Niger in Brexit renegotiations through improved diplomatic relations
  • Work alongside organisations advocating for a more open Africa, increasing capacity, employment and self-sufficiency in Niger

Economic Diversification:

  • Work with Niger’s government to enable efficient business access, economic growth and aid delivery
  • Encourage international business expansion and access to Niger
  • Focus development investment organisations on infrastructure opportunities in Niger
  • Support diverse economic roles for women

Education and Training:

  • Support for existing vocational training programmes, and expansion to new relevant industries
  • Share expertise with existing organisations and institutions, particularly to improve the quality and economic relevance of the teaching and training available
  • Bursary support for internships and apprenticeships offered by Nigerien businesses

Person Specification

  • French language proficiency, fluent
  • Experience of establishing a charitable organisation or running a large department, regional or country office, etc.
  • Experience working in African Development, ideally in West Africa.
  • Experience of developing policy and working closely with government and organisational senior management.
  • An understanding of development economics, ideally as they pertain to West Africa.
  • Willingness and ability to work effectively with the Board of Trustees to develop the organisation.
  • Ability to take responsibility for the strategic direction and management of the organisation. Understanding and experience of strategic planning, implementation and review.
  • Excellent communication skills, and experience speaking to conferences, the press or public appearances on behalf of an organisation.
  • Experience of effective partnership working and management of external relations, and the ability to develop good working relationships at senior levels.
  • Proven skills in the development of new ideas and projects from inception to implementation.
  • Proven skills in securing funding, including preparing funding applications and negotiating contracts.
  • Evidence of effective staff management.
  • Proven skills in managing organisational finances, including budget setting, monitoring and review.
  • Ability and willingness to deal with day-to-day operational tasks as well as strategic and policy issues.
  • The right to work in the UK.

Appointment Brief

For complete details about this role: Les Amis du Niger CEO Appointment Brief

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Les Amis du Niger

Les Amis du Niger is a new charity building long-term capacity in Niger through economic empowerment.