Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters

For the past 54 years Volunteering Matters has been developing and delivering high impact social action volunteering opportunities for people of all ages and abilities across the UK.

They have an ambition to reach more communities and volunteers, ultimately transforming lives, improving health and wellbeing, building capacity in communities and inspiring individuals, through the reciprocal nature of their transformative volunteering programmes.

Each year they engage over 35,000 volunteers, a figure that they want to grow over the coming years, and they currently have more than 150 active projects across the UK.

Director of Strategy

The Director of Strategy was a new post in November 2016, and speaks to their ambition of leading UK volunteering in policy and practice.

Responsible for all their strategic interventions at all levels and across all pillars of their activity, the directorate includes Policy and Performance, Impact, European Policy and Public Affairs. The directorate is also charged with analysing the external environment, explaining complex delivery and social models and putting the case for Volunteering Matters interventions and solutions to a broad stakeholder audience.

With a UK wide remit, the nuances and differences in the devolved nations would also need to be recognised and appropriate strategies employed. Raising Volunteering Matters profile with parliamentarians in Westminster, Holyrood and the Welsh Assembly are key to them achieving their ambition.

Oxford HR was successful in appointing Paul Buddery, the Deputy Director of Public Services and Communities at the RSA, where he led the development of the Public Service and Communities projects, and oversaw their delivery.

Paul has been involved in public service delivery and strategy for over a decade, specialising in cross sector partnerships, and came to the RSA having acted as a senior policy advisor to the Children’s Commissioner for England.