Programme Officer, Child Rights Connect

“Oxford HR’s professional support and ongoing advice was enormously helpful in ensuring high quality recruitment, in spite of time constraints. Toby was always ready to consult throughout the process and on all matters relevant for the selection process. Discussions about the job profile helped us to see more clearly the most relevant competencies and skills to complement our team.”

Beatrice Schulter
Director, Child Rights Connect


Child Rights Connect, an independent, non-profit organisation founded in 1983, is the largest international network for children’s rights. Their mission is the realisation of children’s rights through the United Nations human rights system. As a trusted partner of the United Nations human rights mechanisms in relation to children’s rights, they speak with one voice to the UN, uniting the competencies, knowledge and voices of the largest children’s rights community worldwide.

Emma Grindulis commenced her new post as Programme Officer with Child Rights Connect on the 1st of April 2017.  Emma is a highly-committed children’s rights advocate, with over five years of progressive experience working to advance implementation of the UNCRC with and for children on a national, European and international scale. She holds an MSc in Policy Studies from Edinburgh University and has worked with the Council of Europe, Eurochild and the Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights.

“As a candidate for the post of Programme Officer with Child Rights Connect, I had an incredibly positive experience with Oxford HR.

I greatly appreciated the informal conversations I had with Toby before each interview, during which he offered extensive knowledge regarding the role and the organisation and high quality, personalised professional support. I particularly valued the time Toby took to offer his encouragement and the genuine interest he showed in my experiences.

I received timely and helpful information from Toby and Mimi throughout the recruitment process, and note their availability to answer queries promptly. Often communicating  via Skype was a quick and easy way to keep in touch, which was welcomed as I was working in the field at the time.

I am extremely thankful to Oxford HR and especially to Toby and Mimi for their precious support during each step of the process, which led me to secure my dream job!”

Emma Grindulis
Programme Officer, Child Rights Connect