Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund


Founded in 1924, the CTBF is the leading UK charity for people working behind the scenes in film, cinema and commercial television. They support creative, production professionals, marketers and administration staff from script to screen, who find themselves in times of need for one reason or another.

Through donations, supporter subscriptions, and events including The Royal Film Performance, the CTBF is able to help more than 1,000 beneficiaries and their families every year. However, the industry is changing with a move to digital and online platforms coupled with changing work patterns in the UK to more part-time and freelance contracts.

Alongside this CTBF is changing and the charity wishes to explore the best ways to support beneficiaries in the future by helping people as they enter the industry and to support them throughout their careers when times may be difficult or hard for them.

Interim Chief Executive

The CTBF was seeking to appoint a new inspirational Interim Chief Executive who could lead the organisation through the next stage in its evolution, enhancing levels of awareness and understanding of the CTBF across the moving image industry and with their current and potential beneficiaries.

They were looking for an individual who brought experience of working in or with the moving image industry and an understanding of current developments, with the ability to lead a national organisation.

Oxford HR were successful in appointing D’Arcy Myers, a highly experienced interim manager operating at a senior level with Boards, Chief Executives, and senior managers, who had previously served as CEO of both the Rainbow Centre for Neurological Care and of Wessex Heartbeat, a charity with over 25 years experience of improving cardiac care.

D’Arcy is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a member of various fundraising institutes, a trustee of a number of voluntary organisations and has a strong personal connection with the Cinema and Television industry.