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Chief Operations Officer

The Responsible Mining Foundation is a new organisation with currently 5 staff members. Together with the CEO, the COO will form the Executive Team of the Responsible Mining Foundation. The Executive Team is responsible for producing and leveraging the Responsible Mining Index in service of achieving the Foundation’s goals, and for the leadership of the organization. The COO is primarily responsible for the financial health of the Foundation and garnering the active participation of stakeholders, while managing the day-to-day operations functions with the support of 2-3 staff members.


Dakar, Senegal

Programmes Director

The Programmes Director is responsible for defining the Medical Operations plan and ensuring its implementation. S/he will lead and coordinate the head office teams, and will play an essential role working with HR to develop the medical operations framework by leading the pool of mission heads and general coordinators of common projects. The PD will oversee the development of projects by ensuring effective operation between partners and desks and initiating new partnerships. S/he will ensure team security. The Director General, President and Programmes Director will publicly represent the association.



Chief Executive Officer

The European Cooperative for Rural Development (EUCORD) is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation whose vision is to nurture more prosperous and entrepreneurially oriented rural communities in developing countries.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the overall leadership and management of EUCORD. S/he will work closely with the Board and staff on the development and implementation of the organisation’s strategic vision, plan and the policies and programmes to advance the interests of its membership. The CEO will also work closely with the partners.


We engaged Oxford HR to help us with a very challenging recruitment – Head of Evidence for the Start Network.  They kept the whole process moving forward, on time, with professionalism and humour.  They asked us to interview someone who didn’t on first impressions fit the profile, but they used good old fashioned instinct, based on deep understanding of the NGO world, to suggest we would like each other.  And we did!

“I have been in contact with Oxford HR as a candidate and the experience has been extremely rewarding. Of course, it had to do with being finally selected to which I had applied but I have to say that the positive experience of interacting with Oxford HR would have remained the same even with a different, less pleasant outcome. I have particularly appreciated: the very approachable team of consultants within Oxford HR, so constantly available to guide me through the process; their direct, fruitful and helpful feedback at every stage; the capacity to consult the Oxford HR consultants on personal concerns and to see that they would care for them in the appreciation of the matters… I would like to be able to advocate for such an effective, human-oriented head-hunting company, which in my experience, compares so favourably with bigger consulting companies.”

“We have engaged Oxford HR a number of times… understand our organisational culture… appropriate range of candidates… quick and well-informed response… delighted to have Oxford HR as an international partner…”